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Thank you to those kind souls who have sought out and shared my music during the last few bewildering months.  I am not sure anything could have prepared us for the changes we have all witnessed, almost as if we have entered a parallel universe. It is extremely difficult to know 'how to be' when everything is so different. And so we all do what we can to 'get us through the night' and days, of course. 

I have held off on the release of my third album Afterlife, but there are a few tracks which are already out in the ether as tasters, which are variously 'otherworldly and orchestral, contemporary classical' singles 'Gloria' and 'Before', with some vox in 'I Am Here For You'.

Gloria is an extremely unusual release from me, and opens with a minute of sound bath healing instruments, which I layered back in my studio, using the spontaneous 'field recordings' courtesy of sound bath healer, Sally Mudge.  Sally played each of her musical friends for me individually and then gave me carte blanche to do what I felt was right with the sounds. The star of the show is her huge gong GLORIA, who inspired the track name. The track became something, which for me, when I created it, represented an imagined entry into the spiritual realm. However life on earth has taken on this mantle perhaps? Disorientating, familiar yet strange, comforting yet unsettling. An alternate reality. Completely contradictory. Everything (and yet nothing?) has changed. 


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