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Reaction to releases in 2023 & nice PR/ interviews.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get my music out there! 

Super start to the year with a spin for (Teaching Darkness) How To Fly (featuring Ian McMillan) on BBC 6 Music thanks to Cerys Matthews! I released this track two years ago but one evening in Feb I thought, I think Cerys would like this. I'll just not over think it and email her and ask if she'd like to hear it. Her email is on her showpage. And she asked for a link. Next I heard, I was being told it was being played by some very lovely artists who were also listening! couldn't believe it!

If you click on the video above you will be transported to the audio and it was lovely to hear it on BBC 6 Music. The last time it had a BBC play was on Radio 3 thanks to Elizabeth Alker two years ago when it was released! amazing to get another spin.

A couple of days before that I was asked to speak on BBC Radio Essex (I don't even live in Essex!! ) I guess they couldn't find any other producers to talk to who would be up at 7.15am!! they wanted to talk about the prevalence of samples in music. And obviously I am THE go to person in that regard!!!! 

It was a really lovely 9 min or so chat!! and it was filmed too!! adds a bit of something (not quite sure what!) to the experience perhaps?


Sunday 5th March sees the first introduction to my third album Afterlife. And what a way to kick off the campaign! Lainy Russell kindly asked if we could have a recorded chat around four tracks on the album, two have been released - Before - and I Am Here For You. The other two are a 'surprise'.


If you're able to join us on Sunday at 6pm or Monday 7pm on Wey Valley Radio, that would be wonderful and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pretty deep topics we covered!

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