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Liberation by MidLifeMix Art by Brian He

Releases in 2022


Single Release August 2022


July 2022

We Will Rise is a step back into my original 'dancey' tracks with a development of my very first track Liberation. Hope you like it!

The track is on all the usual digital streaming platforms and I've made a video for it too, below.






March 2022

Hello! delighted to announce that The Awakening is OUT NOW! 

"The Awakening is a bold statement by Helen, demonstrating her desire to keep moving forward and exploring markedly different areas of influence. In particular, the thoughtful ‘less is more’ philosophy really works, making this her best work to date in my opinion."


"The Awakening is much more ethereal, bringing classical and ambient influences much more to the fore and creating a more tranquil, otherworldly aura. Helen has brought together a carefully curated exhibition of samples and library content from which she has created her own unique soundworld."

Neil March 

"Helefonix’s The Awakening is full of a deeply human sensibility. It foregrounds the human voice, emphasizing its tones, timbres and breaths as the other musical elements sketch in around the vocal sounds to enrich and deepen their meaning. Helefonix has woven a cloth of stories out of music on this album, touching fundamental parts of what it means to be human.

The fact that The Awakening is meant to be listened to in order is a big draw for me. Although I haven’t made a comment on every track, I enjoy how the album unveils different emotions and impressions as it evolves. I find myself pulled more fully into the heart-touching sensibilities within each piece as they weave a cohesive tapestry.

Another compelling aspect of The Awakening is the primacy of the human voice. The choir takes centre stage and Helefonix uses the wondrous properties of nuance and expression inherent in human voices to full effect. She creates music that brings out the emotional power of the singers and produces layers of living, breathing sound that interact beautifully." Thanks Karl Magi 


Neil march review for Before.JPG
Now available - physical cd and digital download of The Awakening!
Album base with words.JPG

Thank you Nitin Sawhney for these kind words: “Oh wow. Really beautiful. Feels like a ski trip from the mind to the heart and back, with lots of wondrous forests and dreamscapes along the way. Thank you. Gorgeous!”

Coming soon 18th Feb So lost and WDYWB.JPG
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