Liberation by MidLifeMix Art by Brian He


Hot on the heels of my thrilling play of Song Thrush Serenade by Cerys Matthews on BBC 6 Music, I am delighted to announce that my next release on 28th May is 'How To Fly', featuring Ian McMillan.

I am particularly proud of this track.

Was thrilled that it made the Fresh Faves selection on Tom Robinson (and team)'s Fresh on the Net website. Here's what reviewer Andy Page said (edited) "“The beauty of How To Fly is instant...the most remarkable thing is just how organic and natural the track is... Helen discovered her creative muse in the form of an iPhone App during lockdown, and a few months of perseverance has resulted in an extraordinary output of creative variety and uniqueness” 

 Hope you enjoy it too!

How to Fly is available to download immediately if you pre order the CD 'Nature's Grace' which is being released in the summer.

Here's the link to the EP Nature's Grace, on which you'll find How To Fly, will be sent immediately to everyone who pre orders the EP

I've decided to release a special edition album of the tracks from my three EP's plus two birdsong tracks - Song Thrush Serenade and The Gardener's Friend (18 tracks) in celebration of the Cerys Matthews and Nitin Sawhney plays for Song Thrush Serenade and to bring new followers up to speed with my work. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. Here's to an exciting future!  Click here 

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ConFusion is my 3rd EP. Out now on here & on general release 6th May 2021. Hope you like it!

Excited to be announce that my innovative electronic track featuring the song thrush in our garden on lead vocals IS OUT NOW!

Song Thrush Serenade displays the diversity and power displayed by my much loved garden friend, woven into a musical tapestry.  If you click on the image, you will be taken to soundcloud to hear it! there's also bandcamp and spotify below! I hope you enjoy it! x

"That was Song Thrush Serenade by @helefonix. I was sent this track through twitter & the lady who sent it started creating music in her 50's, fairly recently. I think it's amazing that she's got into making beautiful music" Nitin Sawhney, WorldWide FM

Song Thrush Serenade - Helefonix - art.J

So excited to announce that Jackie Weaver (yes, THAT Jackie Weaver) Joe Rose and I have

collaborated on a fun pop single.

A gloriously independent release, JACKIE WEAVER'S KICKED HIM OUT is out NOW!

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

We've had some lovely help getting the word out on a range of national and regional radio and TV stations. The link below has the audio from some of these if you'd like to find out more!

Thanks for visiting my site. 2021 brings a lot of new music, a name change from MidlifeMix to Helefonix and now a brand new exciting collaboration with Jackie Weaver - she of parish council zoom meeting fame!!

I've just released a contemporary classical mini modern symphony, which I entered for an award with Clouzine. Which you can find below.

And astonishingly, Orchestral Manoeuvres won Best Electronic/Classical EP.

Thanks to everyone who plays the tracks, writes about them, chatted to me on their radio show or supported on social media in any way. It's appreciated more than you can imagine.

yours, Helen.

Do keep in touch via the socials or email I would love to hear from you! xx

This new EP, Orchestral Manoeuvres, is available on physical CD as well as download. Click on the image to hear the tracks. There is also a 'buy' link!

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You can listen to my debut EP and singles if you click on the relevant images below 

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Liberation by MidLifeMix Art by Brian He
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