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BBC Radio 3 and BBC 6 Music plays

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

19th feb 2023 found Cerys Matthews playing (Teaching Darkness) How To Fly, with Ian McMillan, two years after it's release. Was thrilled as you can imagine and very grateful. It's meant the track is the top of my spotify playlist again in terms of 'most popular'!!

Here's what she said:

Thrilled that the first single from my second album The Awakening found favour with Tom Robinson also over on BBC 6 Music. Hugely grateful for the play of Who Do You Wanna Be on 14th March 2022. Tom kindly spelt out my music name and said that it gave a good flavour of The Awakening, referred to it as an atmospheric concept album and called Who Do You Wanna Be a two minute dreamscape! it's available via my bandcamp! So here's the link to the show. (around 25 min mark)

What a huge vote of confidence these plays have provided for me. It does in no way diminish the gratitude I feel for the independent stations and presenters who have supported me but gives a form of validation for my new found composition and production skills. You can never be quite sure if someone is playing you because they know you and are being kind!

Anyone who is/has been an independent artist, especially self promoting, will know how hard it is to keep going and once you've created the music, generate the artwork. videos, logos, write about the tracks, contact reviewers and radio show presenters, one by one. So it is particularly sweet when significant sustained effort results in something like this, chosen by show producers who have never heard of you before.

With the tracks being on my debut album Nature's Grace, it is a wonderful way to launch the album. Hello to everyone who is visiting my site for the first time and thank you to everyone who has been here from the start last Autumn. It's been a blast and continues to be a joyful experience sharing my creations with you all. Thank you.

If you want to get in touch, just email You will find me responsive!

Here's what Elizabeth said below (the quote was only a clip).

Can you see the 'odd one out'???

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