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Tom Robinson tweeted me about my track!!

Astonishing support from the legend that is Tom Robinson. This means so much to me!

He seemed to like my next single Out of My Hair which is the first track being released

from my next EP. 'Interesting' is a compliment right!!!? ;)

So the relevant dates for my new music are: 29th October single release

5th November for the EP which I am calling Rhythm Rising.

This is what Tom had to say:

Really interesting approach on your new song "Out Of My Hair" in this week's inbox, Helen. That tough, spiky guitar locks right in with the drums & gives the track some real bite. And is that a clavinet in there? Anyway - great direction to be heading in!

Thanks to Daniel Parsons for this feedback

“Just listening now. What a GREAT song. There's something very 80's meets 2021 and everything inbetween going on here. Utterly awesome.”

And Casimir Engine for this

That is officially FAB!!!”

And Chris Thorpe Tracey for commenting on Tom's post

"Beautifully put. I love how Helen came out of the business side of the music world & is now making such fantastic stuff of her own. A rare direction of travel!”

I love that 'a rare direction of travel'!!

This is a link to the track on soundcloud.

If anyone wants to play/review the tracks please get in touch for a dropbox!

this is all very exciting!

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