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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

So delighted with the coverage we've managed to attract for the single Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out. What's more, everyone's focused on the message of 'Make A Change' which is super helpful given we'd like to encourage more diversity and better more accurate representation at the local council elections in May, right across the country.

Huge thank you to everyone who's voted for Joyride in the New Music Generator chart. As a result of being there for 20 weeks, 13 of which were at the top spot, I've been invited to perform at the awards on September 10th and inducted into the 'Hall of Fame'. Achieved a total over 5,500 votes in the last week in the chart!! Astonishing. Thanks to Tim Willett for the support and also for challenging me to a Christmas remix in case I was the Christmas number 1 (which I was!) - so may I present Joyride (Sleighride remix) in a slightly trippy psychedelic fashion! think that suits the track don't you!?!

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