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Who is Helefonix?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

A 'sonic rocket', ball of energy who has spent ten years on the business and promotion side of music who, through a glitch in the matrix ended up on garageband. Helefonix is better known as Helen Meissner in the independent music scene.

I started making music in July 2020 and it seems fitting that the most comprehensive interview to date was published in July 2022. If you're interested in hearing how I define success, how easy it is to be discouraged by negative feedback (!) how I make my music and who I'd like to thank, there's a lovely deep dive from SHOUT OUT LA magazine here

As you will read, Lockdown restrictions necessitated that I taught myself production to finish off my creations, with a little help from my friends. Well ok, one, my daughter Charlie Deakin Davies.

And voila! Liberation was released on 14th August 2020 on all usual platforms. Which then went on to close my debut EP MidLifeMix. Also under my initial artist moniker, which was MidLifeMix when I started out. And which is the basis for a recent single We Will Rise, with added vocals.

The wrong side of 50 but the right side of life, a little bit left of centre and wide of the mark, I'm having the time of my life creating music for the first time. And it seems people like it! what a bonus! I was very proud of a quote from Clash Magazine 'left field electronic jammer'.

Both Midlifemix EP and follow up EP Orchestral Manoeuvres were recognised as winners in the Clouzine Magazine awards in 'Fall 2020' and 'Spring 2021'. Which was a tremendous honour.

The quote from Clash Magazine was in relation to my fun track with a serious message release with Jackie Weaver (she of Handforth Parish Council zoom meeting chaos), Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out, which was featured on national and regional TV, radio and press.

I am very grateful to Mike Naylor at BBC Three Counties Radio for featuring both EPs on his show with a thorough discussion and clips from each track in each of his 20 minute features. Local press particularly Alan Davies from Archant and the lovely bloggers and radio presenters who are mentioned elsewhere in this website.

I've been played on BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson and Cerys Matthews) and BBC Radio 3 (Elizabeth Alker) as well as many wonderful independent radio shows from across the globe.

An unexpected bonus has been being asked to perform live, shout out to Neil March's Vanishing Point experimental electronic events, next event for Neil is his Tomorrow Calling Festival on 18th September 2022 at AMP Studios in the Old Kent Road (find out more here) and also to Sara Kathleen at The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds and Tim Willett for his New Music Generator awards ceremony in 2021 where I won an award following 20 weeks in their Unsigned chart for Cambridge 105. Hugely grateful for all the votes, week in, week out, which kept Joyride at #1 spot for 13 of those weeks and which broke all records for the chart, with 6843 votes for one track in one week! And a special mention for Terry Love Radio who galvanised his Stoke on Trent facebook groups into action. The track was referred to as both a jugganaut and the anthem of lockdown by Tim Willett. It's also used by Mike Naylor on his BBC Three counties weekend shows as 'voice over music' and Slava and Trev use the track at the start of every show on SG1 Radio. You can hear it here.

if you'd like to check out free streams of my music, here's a link to my soundcloud page

And here's my spotify page

If you fancy downloading any music or buying a cd, here's the bandcamp page

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me on my journey!"

Thanks also to the following for their generous words

Chris Hawkins 'really unexpected and impressive, good luck with it'

Edward Adoo 'great news'

Chris West, The Phoenix.Net ‘This is power, protest, EDM, wall thumping ecstacy’

"Your tracks are more than just great, they're very unique and uplifting. Love them!!" Russ from Pure Beat Radio

'I have just listened to Liberation. It is ACE. Always great to connect with a new artist' Fonz Tramontano

'I've just had a listen. I love it! I want more!' Gemma Milburn, Vocal coach

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