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Reaction to releases in 2022

"The fact that The Awakening is meant to be listened to in order is a big draw for me. Although I haven’t made a comment on every track, I enjoy how the album unveils different emotions and impressions as it evolves. I find myself pulled more fully into the heart-touching sensibilities within each piece as they weave a cohesive tapestry."


"I liken her use of sparse beats and other musical elements on this album to watercolour washes on pen and ink sketches. The human voice is the pen and ink while the drums, string sounds and other elements are like the paint that colours and fills in the other spaces. The musical elements outside of the voices help to delineate emotions more clearly and emphasize vocal parts with melodic lines or harmonic support."

Thank you Karl Magi for this review and also the track by track dissection which can be found here 

















"Her best work to date" Neil March concludes above. Wow! thank you! 


I have been so excited to see the reaction to the album and thought I'd share some of them 

Huge thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in my second album The Awakening. I have really put my heart and soul into it and the response has been really reassuring!


Oh wow. Love ‘somebody waking up’. Really beautiful. Feels like a ski trip from the mind to the heart and back, with lots of wondrous forests and dreamscapes along the way. Will have to listen to the rest throughout the week as a bit manic today but thank you. Gorgeous!


You have created something very special. On my way into town I couldn’t stop smiling, turned off the radio, didn’t want the world to intrude, wanted to savour the peace; the well being I felt after being lost in your music. Amazing stuff xxx

First review in for the AA single from Joyzine's Paul F Cook. Really touched by what he wrote.

You can read the review if you click here or on the image of a section of the review below

Here's a couple of nice comments: ‘So Lost’ sits somewhere between Kate Bush and the quieter side of the Art of Noise. It has a gentle warmth that embraces the subject matter of how we can feel lost in our lives...

Who Do You Wanna Be’ is a swirling mist of strings and looped vocals over a pulsing heartbeat, all dressed up in a lush cloak of reverb. It manages to hold time in suspension which makes its running time of just over 2 minutes feel longer, a beautiful illusion in the same way a marble seems to hold the universe in it’s small sphere. It’s a held breath, a prayer by the bedside and it defies gravity.

This comment was particularly lovely : Helefonix is a force for positivity, not only through her music but as a fierce supporter of other new and emerging artists. These two tracks bode well for the album The Awakening which is released on February 28 and can be ordered via her Bandcamp page.


Thank you Paul.

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..."the piece just seems to rise and fall like a simple breath. Listen carefully as a telling word is employed after the question: so, who do you wanna be – NOW? It’s never too late to answer it. I can equally recommend its mellow companion track, “So Lost”, which has a little motif running through it you’ll find hard to dislodge."

Thanks to Tony Hardy for including my two tracks in your round up of new releases on - really appreciate it! 

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The other night I was honoured that Blue Torch Radio wanted to play the whole of The Awakening and asked me to do a special show

with them, where I chatted about the message intended behind each track. Here's the mixcloud of the show. I was very grateful for the reaction and interaction with people who were kind enough to tune in! thank you all! here's some reactions that really meant the world from twitter :) And here's the show audio below if you'd like to take a listen

TTD review of AA singles WDYWB and So Lost.JPG

"floating into view on a sonic cloud of harmonies and sustained synth tones. Strings add to the emerging texture while the track continues to float in suspended animation like Enya in a jam with Emily Hall" Thanks Neil March. 

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