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Review for Song Thrush Serenade Trust th
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'Like giving birth without realising you were pregnant' Four tracks from debut award winning EP by Mike Naylor woven into this lovely interview on BBC radio. Nice chat about how I made an award winning EP (thanks Clouzine for the recognition) without playing any instruments, with no prior music creation skills evident and no production skills prior to lockdown. Really enjoyed this interview. Thanks Mike! (Please click on the image of Mike above to hear the interview)



Super excited to see reviews for my EP and debut single thanks to Runninwithmyrhythm Blog. 

Find out what she had to say here! or click on the images

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Review from Kevin Thompson

Debut six track EP by MidLifemix

This EP arrived in my inbox last week for me to review. Six tracks of nicely laid back music throughout, a modern mix of chilled out electronica and classical instruments throughout. Two tracks stood out for me, "Lonestar" a homage to "Tubular Bells 2" perhaps? the track combines a catchy keyboard hook with a catchy guitar riff throughout and "Summer Chill" a song with a summery chilled out feel good vibe with a catchy flute and keyboard collaboration through out, both of these songs grew on me very quickly. 5/5

Here we have a lovely interview thanks to Indie Promo and a feature in The Comet about the debut EP! Click on pics to read :D

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