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Exciting to have shared a new EP Rhythm Rising on 5th November which you can listen to here on soundcloud. And was chuffed that Tom Robinson was complimentary about the first single off the EP, Out of My Hair (I've done a blog post about it!). If you liked my earlier releases you'll probably find this right up your street!
Leslie Tate kindly interviewed me about my first year as a musician and also my journey with cancer, promoting music (and lots of female artists in particular), confidence and people undermining you and more, in this far reaching interview that spans two mixcloud episodes. You will find the chat from 20m mins to the first link and the whole of the second hour !!
Thank you to Neil March for sustained and enthusiastic support for my creations over the last year. Very much appreciated.
Nature's Grace was ALBUM OF THE MONTH from Across the Universal Soundscape! (August 2021)

The Little Things is TRACK OF THE MONTH from Donald Strachan on Views from the Edge broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio and TD1 Radio. Interview will air 31st August '21.

Reaction to the tracks on social media and on air:

"Well wasn’t that lovely? our very own Ian McMillan reading his own poetry, wonderful to hear his voice. It’s poetry he wrote especially for Helen Meissner and she composed the music and mixed it together with that birdsong.
She’s calling herself a late starter, she was 54 years old before she even started thinking about writing and promoting her music. Well we’re pleased you did and thanks for sharing it with us. It really is never too late to start. So inspiring.The field recordings, she tells us, include church bells, chickens, lambs, a chaffinch and geese, all captured near her home.
The track is called Teaching Darkness How To Fly, we could definitely do with more of that, and Helen records under the name Helefonix.“

Elizabeth Alker BBC Radio 3
Had the pleasure of chatting to Andy Bungay on Riverside Radio which was broadcast on 9th October 2021.
You can hear us chatting about my technophobia, starting late in life, ageism (or not)... and Andy played Blackbird Has Spoken, The Little Things, Out Of My Hair and Maids of the Mer from 1hr 3mins in! Click here to listen :) 
Thank you to Brian Player for having me as guest on his Acoustic Cafe show on Wey Valley Radio on Tues 21st September 2021! The video starts at the point where I was chatting and I also come back at 21 mins after Saskia, in case you'd like to have a watch.
Saskia also has a lot to say for more mature artists, over 50, so well worth a watch to find out more about her Talent is Timeless competition and community.
INTERVIEW: There's a rather nice interview here from 33 mins thanks to Peter Lewis in NCCR Radio about the album, how I first became involved in music and why I started making music last year.
Please click here to hear, it plus tracks The Storm, (Teaching Darkness) How To Fly and Song Thrush Serenade) 
REVIEW AND INTERVIEW: Thank you to Teri at Moths and Giraffes for this eloquent feature about Nature's Grace which really makes the album sing! Click here to enjoy it :) 

'It's beautiful' Anna Phoebe, Soho Radio (Maids of the Mer)

"How lovely was that! Loved hearing your grandparents voices, their wisdom and outlook on live, incredible and what an amazing way to keep their memories alive! They’d be so proud of you right now, congratulations.

Love what you’re doing Helen, keep on keeping on" Andy Sharman on twitter (heard on Mad Wasp Radio)

"Helefonix has created such a beautifully crafted album. It’s been such a joy to listen all the way through and have the sounds of nature effortlessly move through the kitchen" @withsunmusic

These comments were about (Teaching Darkness) How To Fly:


"I loved this music/poetry combination this morning. I’ve been listening on @BBCSounds. Listened twice, noted the time (0814) and added the track to my @Bandcamp wish list, ready for when I refresh my music favourites.  Looking forward to exploring more of your work."  (Wendy Bryant) @DrWMB


"What a beautiful piece of music, completely stopped me in my tracks! (Sandra Buttigieg) @Sandra4760

Ian just heard you & @helefonixon Radio 3; it was very beautiful" (@Whit_nic)

"Wow. That was beautiful. Always think @IMcMillan has voice that sings to you - whatever he says. Setting his words to music is stunningly rich combination". (Nigel Price) @prixsalop

"That was lovely. 'How To Fly' what a wonderful thing!" (Guy Mitchell) @GuyAMitchell

"What a wonderful thing" @IHeathHuxon

"SO beautiful! Just heard the birdsong...the cello...then what sounded like Ian McMillan’s voice...the sound of sheep...a piano...I was making my cup of morning tea. I was listening to Breakfast on Radio 3. I stopped and listened more intently." Daisy Rose on soundcloud

"Heard this on Radio 3 this morning. A beautiful way to start the day." Russell on soundcloud

"a gorgeous tune, that combines strings with the sounds of nature that we became so familiar with over a few months last year... a country idyll in Spring that is not only beautiful but also extremely calming. Like a walk in countryside it is a way of finding your peace with this world."  Dave Pearce reviews

REVIEW: "...proves that Helefonix can do no wrong, there really are some beautiful pieces on this album that is already receiving rave reviews and  play on BBC radio 3 and BBC radio 6, Helefonix is a one off, quirky, rebellious, winning awards as well as fans and not about to stop any time soon, as a late comer to making music, just last year to be precise, she's achieved more in this past year than many musicians do and have in their entire career." 

Really touched and  motivated by the review from Stacy Hart at Runningwithmyrythmn blog.

Stacy has been there for me from the beginning and her support is a key pillar for me. I was nervous about her reviewing my debut as it's such a departure from my other releases but she really took the time to 'get it' and for that I am really grateful. Click here to read the whole review. 

Neil March review Demerara Records monthly blog Rhythm Rising.JPG

Reaction to releases in 2021

Radio 3 worked on image.JPG


"An imaginative and accomplished debut" Well that's rather lovely! Very kind of Neil March from Trust the Doc to take the time to review my album Nature's Grace.

If you would like to visit his blog the link is here

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Review for Song Thrush Serenade Trust th
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Interview excerpt (click on image or here to read it all) thanks to Elizabeth Chute from Passion and Meaning blog. Not your standard interview questions, that's for sure! This interview is quite revealing about my early years. It was a trip down memory lane!!

When were you first introduced to music?

My earliest memory was being taught ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’ by our babysitter. My parents didn’t seem to listen to music for pleasure, they seemed pretty busy running the farm. I was given formal piano and violin lessons from a relatively young age but I never really enjoyed the lessons. I would say I was about seven. I never practiced enough.

Passion and meaning blog.JPG
2021-03-02 (14).png
Trust the Doc review.JPG

'Like giving birth without realising you were pregnant' Four tracks from debut award winning EP by Mike Naylor woven into this lovely interview on BBC radio. Nice chat about how I made an award winning EP (thanks Clouzine for the recognition) without playing any instruments, with no prior music creation skills evident and no production skills prior to lockdown. Really enjoyed this interview. Thanks Mike! (Please click on the image of Mike above to hear the interview)



Super excited to see reviews for my EP and debut single thanks to Runninwithmyrhythm Blog. 

Find out what she had to say here! or click on the images

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2020-09-22 (15).png
2020-09-22 (14).png

Review from Kevin Thompson

Debut six track EP by MidLifemix

This EP arrived in my inbox last week for me to review. Six tracks of nicely laid back music throughout, a modern mix of chilled out electronica and classical instruments throughout. Two tracks stood out for me, "Lonestar" a homage to "Tubular Bells 2" perhaps? the track combines a catchy keyboard hook with a catchy guitar riff throughout and "Summer Chill" a song with a summery chilled out feel good vibe with a catchy flute and keyboard collaboration through out, both of these songs grew on me very quickly. 5/5

Here we have a lovely interview thanks to Indie Promo and a feature in The Comet about the debut EP! Click on pics to read :D

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2020-09-26 (3).png
2020-09-26 (2).png
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